This is the first release of Greppy.

Greppy is a rewrite of the unix command grep in python. 
It has a GUI like a notepad. 
When you start Greppy select the menu File->Open, choose a text file to grep,
insert a regular expression and wait for Greppy to work.

You can modify and save the results like in a normal text editor.

This is still an alpha so only basic features are implemented.

I've used the wxPython widgets for the GUI so it will use the native widgets on
each supported platform.
Greppy should run flawlessy on Win32, Linux, Unix, MacOSX but it is surely of
more use on Win32 since all the other platform has grep bundled.

Flavio Catalani (fakezeta)

Quick link to Win32 download here

Project home page and download for other platforms here

For any info mail to fakezeta AT users DOT sourceforge DOT net

Project hosted on Logo

A special thanks to:
Marco "KirkJT" Fanciulli - Per rompere il c***o (I will not translate this)
Marco "Sainz" Santoro - Tester
Vito "UPM" Cannone - Tester
Alessandro "marte" Barrilà - Tester

mmh probably too much testers here.....

This page is only a placeholder for the moment, sorry.